waking up to rain

this morning i woke up to a dark sky and the sound of rain falling outside the window. welcome back, rain. it’s been feeling more and more like fall, and despite the very short summer we had around here, i’m excited for the change.

fall is my favorite season. there are still occasional days of sunshine, and often mornings begin misty but the sky dries out and reveals its blue underlayer. it’s cooler. i can wear flannel and a vest again. i also love fall for the way it welcomes early bedtimes and lingering over hot cocoa, baking and cooking rich meals, and curling up with a good book. it always makes me feel a little guilty to read on a gorgeous summer day, but fall days are made for it.

this morning i also learned that one of the great visionaries of our time has passed. her death reminds me that it is important to do more than just curl up with a book. it is important to do work too.


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