still here

a long break between posts. my apologies. this fall seems to be careening by, and its breakneck speed means that the only thing i want to do when i get home is change into sweats and sit with a hot cup of tea (or a toddy).

on my lunch break today i got to sit down with the real, paper deal of this magazine. when i got home, i curled up and finished reading the rest. so many wonderful ideas for spending time with friends and enjoying food. now that it is brisk and damp outside, it is the perfect time to cook big meals to share.

also, you should also check out their journal for ongoing goodies. that’s where all those pretty pictures are from.

doing lately:
-reading anna karenina
-enjoying some 100 mile (more like 20 mile) whiskey
-still listening to this
-drooling over this cookbook

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