a new year

well, it is officially 2012. so far the days have been mostly sunny, a little chilly, a little stormy, and full of contemplation. it’s that time again: the time of taking a second look at life and maybe taking the time to write down some things we want to be better about in the coming 365 days as of yet untouched, unsullied, completely open and shape-able. though i seasonally look around and choose things to work on in my life, it is nice to start with the freshness of a new year.

my goals for this year aren’t earth-shattering, and that is okay with me. i am also keeping them general to allow for the changes of direction and attention that are inevitable over the course of a year. i think of it as leaving room for success… and just maybe for something awesome and unexpected to come along the way.

2012 aims:

1. be more of an adult. (it sounds ridiculous, but simple things–wearing a watch, making doctor’s appointments, keeping a clean house, tracking my spending and saving some money, exercising… these are the things that always slip through the cracks for me.)

2. write. (200 words a day. or 1400 a week. however they need to happen. even if it means i write “i have nothing to write about” or “i hate this” over and over again for pages at a time.)

3. have more adventures. (don’t get sucked into the work-a-day world. go on hikes, ride bikes, learn to fly fish, take a few trips.)

4. make things. (i feel so much more whole and useful as a human being when i make something in the course of my day: be it a meal, an apron, or a piece of art. on my list: take more photos, sew a piece of clothing, learn to knit.)

5. make plans. (i have firmly avoided this since graduating. it’s time. grad school? internship? meaningful job? move away from mac? travel? or even just a garden plan.)

6. be more kind. (perhaps as an offshoot of working a customer service job, i feel like i have become a harsher person–quicker to judge, to lose patience (not that i’m that patient of a person to begin with), to complain, to snap at people (even loved ones). i don’t like this about myself. i feel like deep down i have more compassion and kindness to share, and i want to do that more in the coming year.)

hello, new year. let’s see what we can make of you.


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