by slim aarons

we’ve been on the move a lot recently.

up to twisp for a wonderful wedding. home. up to olympia for a visit. home. to the garden to plant things. home. to the garden to water things. home. to the store. to yoga. to work. to farmers market. to the coast a weekend ago. the motion is nice–i feel like it gives me some more room to think, somehow. (is it all of the time in the car?) gives me permission to entertain possibilities that don’t show up in the normal daily grind. i’m feeling some momentum in my life again, kind-of like a compass honing in on north.

we are also in the midst of moving. our lease is up in three weeks, and our things are finding their way into boxes once more. i always forget how much stuff i own. most of it is good stuff though, and what isn’t i am letting go. i’m excited for this change.

in other news, i developed some more film that i will try to share soon. i started one of these; follow along if you so desire. i am reading books about farming. i bought scented geranium, pineapple sage, and basil. i planted gifted marigolds in the garden. e and i are scheming some awesome changes for the future. i want to build a solar food dryer.

coming up: haircut (like the one above?). schlepping many boxes. freezing strawberries. garden parties. homemade marshmallows.


2 thoughts on “moving

  1. 1. Moving again?! Ahh, we will have to make a trip to see the new place!
    2. Thank you so much again for the quilt…I am actually wrapped up in it as I am writing to you!
    3. I am now following you on Pinterest, and I love you farm page…mainly because now I KNOW FOR SURE that we are starting a farm together!!

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