pitchfork & crow grows some beauties!

pitchfork & crow grows some beauties!

Is anyone else crushing on radishes right now? I want and crave bunches and bunches worth of that bright pink color and peppery bite in my life right now. I’m cheering on the babies growing in our garden beds every day, and I can’t wait for that first butter and radish sandwich.

Have you ever eaten a radish and butter sandwich? They’re pretty transcendent little things–one of those simple foods, a harbinger of spring and summer and warmer weather and longer days and sunglasses (and sunburn and sunblock) and kiddy pools and minty cocktails…

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

Seriously though, they make a wonderful sandwich–the alchemy of butter and radish and salt somehow creates a beautifully sweet taste with the merest hint of pepper (so even if you don’t like the biting quality of radishes, you should really try this).

Four simple ingredients are all you need: Good crusty bread, thickly cut. Sweet butter. Bright spring radishes, thinly sliced. And salt. Spread the butter liberally; top with layers of bright pink or bright red or serene white or surprising mauve radishes. Sprinkle with a flaky sea salt. And wait. Just a few minutes. Let things mingle and do their magic. Eat. A glass of rose does nicely with these. As does an abundant salad, simply dressed.

Here’s to the humble radish, and to spring.


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